Meet the Committee!

Henry Vokoun


CSGO nerd and a southerner who's trying way too hard to not be a southerner.

Mak Pehar


Average roguelike/MMO enjoyer. Official EUSA ambassador.

Andrew Kvedas


I'm only the treasurer because gamesoc maid isnt a real position yet.

Antonis Frangiskou

Social Secretary

Haha fighter jet go brrrrrr!

Amogh Bodas

Esports Coordinator

Lé Monké

Tom Tudor

Server Admin

I'm the the guy in charge of the servers. I make sure nothing breaks and fixes it when it does.

Lewis Ollier

Committee Assistant

I'm okay with the end of the universe but Khajiit's on the moons is a step too far

Aidan Sherdley

Committee Assistant

Aidan is the most important member of the committee, for his work in making high effort shitposts.

Dwight Quinn

Committee Assistant

Pub? Pub.