Our Events


Weekly Game Nights

Every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:30pm we get together on the discord server to play online games such as Overwatch, Jackbox or even Skribbl.io etc. These are run by the commitee and give people an opportunity to try new games out meet new people.

Monthly LAN Parties

Old school gaming meetups. Come and test your mettle at Super Smash Bros., show off your footsies in Street Fighter and go for gold Mario Kart 8. Or perhaps try to beat the commitees Renai Circulation Beat Saber score. There are always a variety of setups and genres at each LAN. Attendees are encouraged to bring thier own kit but there will always be something for you to have a go on if you cant.

The Video Game Music Game (VGMG)

Want to show off your useless and vast knowledge of video game music? Then join in on Video Game Music Game! Once a month we hold a discord call where commitee-selected tracks are played for all to have a go and tell us what it is. Correct guesses net points, try and do as well as you can to be at the top of the leaderboard!

Weekly Distanced Meetups

Every Friday we meet up to take a break from the stress of students life and have a drink at the pub. Previously these meetups were head in pubs or Teviot Row but due to the ongoing pandemic we decided to have distanced meetups outside, usually the meadows. These will be carried out as per government advice.

Check out our event schedule to see more info about when and where our events take place.